About Us

About Us

ZELEN-IMPRO is a modern company that is dedicated to the design and construction of greenhouses and equipment for greenhouses using the best technology and expertise.

Produce healthier and cleaner, optimising your costs.

Zelen-Impro applies the latest solutions in agro-technology to provide to its customers optimal quality production. By designing individually-tailored turnkey projects, Zelen-Impro offers the most economical, efficient structures and systems, suited to local environmental conditions, water availability and budget allocations.

From Design to Farmer

Zelen-Impro doesn’t just sell you a green house, but design sand producesit, with a complete control over all stages of the process.

Cost Effective Greenhouses

Because Zelen-Impro has a complete control over the design and production process and a wealth of experience in providing solutions for producers across the world, we provide you with cost effective solutions that let you develop in optimal conditions at a very competitive price.

A Greenhouse for Every Climate

We have produced and installed greenhouses around the world. We find solutions for all climatic and environmental conditions so that you, the grower, can produce a healthy and profitable result.

Turn-Key Projects

A green house is a group of systems that work together to produce optimum results. We specialize in providing a total solution for your greenhouses. Irrigation systems, ventilation and heating, benches tables and trellises, lighting, growing media and containers, ground cover and hydroponic systems. When we finish building and installing the systems – you’re ready to start planting. We support you also trough this process.

One Stop Shop Solution

Zelen-Impro provides full support, from the location analizes, culture selection, helps you with the development of the idea, advises you, prepares all the technical projects, and supports you with the permission process, provides turn key building process and training and maintenence services.