For growth and way of living in greenhouse in every condition, plants and flowers they need of all this favor their life, water, heat and light. The control of these factors is crucial both in crops and in garden centres. It is in this spirit that Zelen Impro develops and manufactures systems and products dedicated to protected crops. Zelen Impro's know-how is based on its staff's technical skills and the experiences shared with our clients that have established a relationship of exchange and mutual growth. 

All of this has led to the creation of systems, machines and highly technological products. Zelen Impro is a modernly structured company both in terms of design aspects and in their creation.The technical department is directly involved in thermal, hydraulic and electrical design as well as the structural carpentry design inherent in the benches and machinery. 

The production unit is equipped with the best available machinery for cutting and welding for the creation of benches, machinery and equipment. As for shipbuilding, Zelen Impro intervenes directly with its own assembly team.The optimization of each energy resource, human resources and growing media such as water and heat are some of the criteria that Zelen Impro has from some time included in its design and construction standards. The systems manufactured by Zelen Impro are always in line with the best available technology, from high-performance boilers to modulating control systems, from applied electronic monitoring of machine engines and pumps to climate control with digital probes. Ultimately, each Zelen Impro system and product is part of a vision: what you'd like your life to be like tomorrow.

Zelen Impro: we take care of your nature.